Monitor your construction progress with Vidspections.

A custom drone flight plan will be created to maximize visibility of your property.

Ongoing Monitoring

Schedule your Vidspection for regular increments; an easy shareable link will be sent at each increment.

Video = Efficiencies & Records

Vidspections assist with on-site coordination of equipment and material, as well as serve as a video record for insurance and legal concerns.

Project Process


Customized Flight Plan

A dedicated Project Manager will work to understand your project and customize a drone flight plan to maximize visibility.


Site Visit

A scheduled visit will be made with our licensed, insured drone pilot. We will capture footage and photos on the same day. On-site security should be notified by you 48 hours prior to the visit.



Your Project Manager will share a hosted URL that allows you to easily view, comment, and share the Vidspection with your team.



Depending on your purchase, a photo and video timelapse will be shared after a set number of site visits.


Pricing for Vidspections — Construction
Includes Single Visit Most popular5-12 Visits 12+ Visits
10 Aerial Photos from 4 angles, 40 Photos Total
360 Degree Orbit Video Shot
2 Flyover Video Shots
Video Timelapse (one per 5 visits) (one per 4 visits)
Photo Timelapse (one per 4 visits)
Select Property size:




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