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Exclusive Pricing and Process.

Why Use Videoms

Exclusive Corporate Partner Pricing and Process

Receive premium discounts and streamlined process as part of our partnership.

Created from 35 Years of CRE Research

You’ve never seen property highlights like this before, we promise. Unlike media companies or photographers, we come from CRE and create stunning products for only CRE.

Quickest Turnaround

Whether it’s for getting the listing or making a deal, you’re on the clock. Any listing, anywhere in the country, we’ll get your Videom to you, FAST.

More Affordable than ANY Competitor

We pride ourselves in offering the best deals across the country. You won’t find this level of production at this price anywhere else, even “in-house”!

Videom Examples

Our captivating video offering memorandums include both custom satellite and drone footage.

  • by asset class
  • by deal type
— press “F” to make full width

Use Cases

We’re creating Custom Videos for All CRE


For Lease

Show potential tenants why they should be in your space!


For Sale

Close more deals by beautifully presenting your properties’ selling points.


Listing Pitches

Win huge listings by showing up the most prepared to close deals.


Investment Syndication

Gain your investors’ trust with a visual presentation of your deal.


Tenant Representation

Submit your sites with the effectiveness of video.


Trophy Showcase

Market your recent activity and closed deals!

Streamlined Process: 6 Easy Steps

Click on each one to find out more information and relevant resources.

Checkout & Invoicing

— Captivating, effective content coming your way, but first…

What's needed?

Invoicing: If you’ve been working with one of our helpful sales reps, they will send you an invoice payable by credit card or ACH bank transfer!


We will send the invoice upon receiving an order, be sure to indicate the site # and the email for billing purposes. Payment is due on a net 15 basis.

Data Collection

— Videoms specializes in capturing the most effective data and creatively infusing it into CRE marketing materials. We rely on you, our experienced client, to be the expert of your deal.

All projects begin with an information form where you will tell us what should be called out. The form will prompt you for information. You will have the opportunity to upload existing documents and add any special instructions. If the form isn’t fit for your customized project, ask your project manager for assistance with data collection.

What's needed?

Begin by filling out our info sheet. The more details you can provide, the closer the final product will be to your vision.


Our estimated 7 day turnaround can’t begin until we have all the information. We won’t begin our process until the invoice has been paid in full.

*Optional: Voiceovers & Special Edits

— Voiceovers add a personal touch to your content. Depending on how you plan to distribute your content, voiceovers can be highly effective in explaining more complex deals and establishing a relationship with the viewer.

What's needed?

1. Recorded by Videoms’ Professional: If our voiceover professional will be recording for you, we just need your script.
Download our Script Guide Here and return to your project manager.

2. Recorded by You:  If the voiceover will be by you, we need your script and mp4 audio file. Regarding tone, we recommend picturing yourself talking to a long time client; this will create the ideal professional yet casual voice over.
Script length = 140 words per minute of video.
Recording a voiceover can be scary, so below are detailed instructions.


Our estimated 7 day turnaround can’t begin until we have all the information. We won’t begin our process until the invoice has been paid in full.

  • Equipment:

    • Heavy Blanket or Comforter
      • When making the recording, drape the blanket over your head and ensure it covers over your mobile device when recording. This will muffle out any background noise and reduce any echo on the recording.
    • Portable Desk Lamp, Flashlight, or Digital Script
      • Use this to light up your prepared, written speech paper while under the blanket (unless written on your phone) while recording.
    • Mobile Device for Recording
      • iPhone:
        • Software: Voice Memos (comes with iOS software on your phone)
        • Voice Memo saves to an .mp4 file which can be emailed to your Videoms Project Manager.
        • After recording your intro, click the 3 dots to the left of the play button.
        • Hit “Save to Files” and save the .mp4 file to a familiar folder.
        • Email the saved .mp4 file to an email to your Project Manager.
      • Android:
        • Software: Voice Recorder (download from Google Play onto your device)
        • After recording your intro. Save the file to your phone (it will save as an (.mp3 file)
        • Email the saved .mp3 file to your Project Manager.
  • Preparation:

    • Type or write out your prepared introduction on plain white paper, or your phone’s note taking application, using separate paragraphs for each chapter you will be doing a voice over for. Use large print or fonts so you can easily read your message.
    • Before actually recording, it would be helpful to rinse your mouth out with mouthwash and wet your mouth with plain water, swishing around for several seconds. This wets the tongue, reduces dry mouth and allows you to speak clearer. Take several deep breaths and get calm and relaxed before speaking. You do not want to sound tense or rushed. Think of replicating the attitude and tone of a casual, but informative conversation with a long time existing client.
    • Watch this YouTube video for instructions on your breathing techniques
    • It is natural to hear breathing sounds in a voice recording. They should sound natural and not sound like gasping for air. Take light inhaling breaths after each sentence or phrase and breath through your mouth, not your nose. Try not to overthink it as that may lead to more unnatural breathing.
    • Speak calmly, clearly and slow.
  • Voice Over Content (listen to this Vidtro for key messages)
  • Introduction: 1 paragraph starting with “Hello” your name, your occupation/position and your company name.
  • Service Message: 1 sentence starting with “I serve my clients…” or “I help my clients…” and describe your key role with your client and what asset classes or industries do you work in.
  • Skill Sets/Capabilities: 1-2 sentences describing your key skills, capabilities and how you perform your role.
  • Results Statement: 1-2 sentences describing what type of results are produced by your capabilities.
  • Value Statement: 1-2 sentences starting with “I can add value by….” then describe bullet points statements of how you add value, and then the results.
  • Tools/Training: 1 sentence describing your “tools” that you use apply your value and then a short, impactful value statement summarizing what you do for your clients.
  • Contact Statement: 1 sentence asking the viewer a question, such as “Do you need help with….” and then ask the viewer to contact you to discuss or help them with their needs.

Footage Collection

— Videoms creates captivating videos that show off commercial properties. We do this by using custom satellite and drone footage. ‘Pro’ products include both satellite and drone footage while our standard products entirely utilize satellite footage that is designed to imitate drone photography.

What's needed?

Be sure to include an aerial screenshot in the info form that clearly shows your property’s boundaries to ensure we film the right area.


Requests to reschedule within 48 hours of flight time will result in a minimum $50 fee. Filming of the wrong area as a result of incorrect information, or a pilot being asked to leave by a property’s security guard will require in a new shoot and result in a $325 fee.

Video Production

— Using the data from your info form and the footage we’ve collected, we will begin production of your content! Videoms utilizes 35 years of CRE experience and research to create content. Using a storyboard process, Videoms will customize a set of proprietary chapter templates for the most effective performance of your content.

What's needed?

We’ll let you know if we have any questions, otherwise we got this :).


  • Any new information provided after editing has begun(directly after the drone flight) must be requested as part of the first editing cycle.
  • Unless you have purchased a custom presentation(not from our offering sheet of standard products), you will not be able to customize your chapters. You will be able to customize what information is shown and the design of the chapter, but we will use our expertise to craft your content.

Editing Cycles

— Videoms project process is designed to be all inclusive and tailored to your CRE activities. Unlike media companies that charge 50% of overall budget for post-production editing, we’ve included it in our already affordable prices! Our standard packages come with 2 editing cycles while upgraded packages include more. You can also purchase editing cycles as needed!

What's needed?

Review your Videom carefully. We’re using Vimeo functionality, so whenever you see something we can improve just click, type the request and hit enter. All directly within your Videom!


Version 1: Begins When Invoice and Info Form Have Been Completed.

Versions 2-4: Primary Queue (if requests provided in 2 business days) = 48 hours. Secondary Queue (if requests provided after 2 business days) = 80 hours.

Forfeited Edits: Projects that do not receive edit requests within 14 business days will be considered final. Any future edit requests will require purchase of an editing cycle.

Final Version: Client has 3 Business Days to Confirm Version or Point Out Missed Edits, Otherwise Videom is Marked Complete and Additional Editing Cycle Must be Purchased. 20 Edits/Cycle (not including errors), Excludes: Shot Changes, Repeat Requests.

Go to Market

— Video performs drastically better than static content on almost every channel. Use your video to tell a story. We recommend sharing your video in some of the following manners:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media (especially LinkedIn): Use in posts and in direct messages
  • Conferences and Events
  • Listing Sites
  • Email Signatures

What's needed?

Use the link to your final version and blast your Videom out via social media, e-blasts, and paid advertising!


  • You retain full usage rights of your content, use however you please!
  • The source file and footage (without purchase of the Due-Diligence add-on) are NOT included in the final package. Videoms retains ownership of the finalized IP.

Corporate Partner Discounted Pricing

CRE’s National Leading Product, Same Affordable Price,  Anywhere in the Country, Consistent Turnaround 365 Days a Year

Premium Economy
Description Need something a bit more custom? Receive Videoms World Class service and expertise while still "quarterbacking" your Videom's design and flow. The Classic Videom! Utilizing researched & proven templates to be CRE's most effective Marketing tool with a play-through rate of 67% at an unbeatable price.
Aerial Photos (8)
3D Satellite Footage
Property Drone Footage
Dedicated Project Manager
Data Callouts
Editing Cycles 4 3
Edits per Cycle 30 20
Project Kick Off Call
Edit Request Review Calls
Drone Flight Date
Contact Information
Call to Action
Company & Property Logo
Colors 3 3
Data Callouts
Chapter Design
Font Type & Colors
Transition Design
Discounted Price:
Checkout Now
By Credit Card
Receive an Invoice
ACH Net 15
Checkout Now
By Credit Card
Receive an Invoice
ACH Net 15

Available Add-ons:

* You can select add-ons you need at the checkout.

Virtual Tour Upgrade

Office & Retail: Up to 35,000 SF

Industrial: Up to 150,000 SF

Multifamily & Hospitality: Up to 3 common areas, 2 room types, one entrance, a hallway, and a stairwell or elevator (common area and room types can be substituted)

  • Interior Footage Filmed by Drone or Camera
  • Additional 45 Seconds of Edited Video


Aerial Photos

Unedited, High Resolution Still Photos from Drone.



Exterior Ground Photos

Unedited, High Resolution Still Photos from Ground Camera.



Interior Ground Photos

Unedited, High Resolution Still Photos from Ground Camera.



Discounted Photography Package

  • 15 Ground Exterior Photos
  • 30 Ground Interior Photos
  • 8 Aerial Photos


Social Media Trailer

Shortened Videom Fitted for Social Media.


Flyer w/ Embeded Videom

1 Page PDF Flyer with Clickable Videom.


OM w/ Embeded Videom

8 Page Offering Memorandum with Clickable Videom.


3 Aerial Maps

Aerial Shots with Callouts & Graphics in PDF Format.


Content Upgrade

  • Social Media Trailer, 20 edits included
  • PDF One-Page Flyer, 10 edits included
  • PDF Eight-Page OM, 20 edits included
  • 3 Aerial Maps, 10 edits included


Due-Diligence Footage

Unedited Drone Footage of HVAC, Roof, Parking, Signage.


Raw Footage

Raw Drone Footage Filmed for Videom Use.


Additional Flight Fee

Larger than: 300,000 SF Developed or 50 Acres Undeveloped.


Additional Site Flight

20 minutes of pilot on site to capture footage to be added into a Video.
New Area:
Site must be within 30 miles of Subject Property and visited same day.
Same Area:
Site must be within 3 miles of Subject Property and visited same day.



Superimposed Site Plan

Superimposition of 2D Site Plan into 3D Footage, includes up to 3 views of site plan.


Superimposed 3D Rendering: Basic

Creation and superimposition of a basic model from client’s site plan, includes up to 2 views of model.


Superimposed 3D Rendering: Textured

Superimposition of Client’s 3D Model(.obj or FBX file) into 3D Footage with textured touch ups. Includes parking lots with basic lining.


Textured 3D Model Creation

Creation of a textured 3D model using clients site plans and renderings.


Superimposed 3D Rendering: Photorealistic

Superimposition of Client’s 3D Model(.obj or FBX file) into 3D Footage with photorealistic touch ups. Includes parking lot with traffic and landscaping.


Photorealistic 3D Model Creation

Creation of a photorealistic 3D model using clients site plans and renderings.


3D Rendering Buildout

Adding action to any 3D model to replicate the “build out” of the model.


Superimposed Traffic

Show off your property in its best light, even if COVID 19 has affected shopping. Parked traffic will be superimposed to 3 chapters of your Videom.


Virtual Stack Plan

Special editing effect that shows multiple superimposed floor plans “stacked” on top of each other.


Additional Editing Cycle

Each Editing Cycle includes 20 Edits (not including errors) and excludes: repeat requests and any requests outside of purchased product’s allowances.


Additional Videom Version

Additional Videom Version using same footage with 3 new chapters.


Pricing FAQs

With the purchase of an Economy Videom, you will have choose between 2 predesigned templates. We utilize 3 colors of your choice. With the purchase of a Premium Videom, you can completely customize your Videom’s design. You’ll also receive additional points of service from your project manager like a kick off call, review calls, and additional edit requests & cycles! The end products may look very similar as Premium clients may opt to use our researched & proven templates, but still enjoy the extra points of service and editing opportunities.

Of course! You may include your logo and a property logo. Your contact info with a call to action to contact you is always included.


No. If you’d like to keep a custom template on file, ask your sales rep about our Corporate Partner Program!

Nope, but we do offer a virtual tour upgrade for only $300.

We offer an additional editing cycle that can be purchased at any time for just $49.99!

We will need to capture new footage and replace all the existing footage. The cost will be close to purchasing a new Videom.

Contact Us

Receive flexible workflow and product.
Talk to sales for custom pricing and deal.

What our customers are saying

“Videoms teams’ RE experience makes it easy for them to understand the project requirements, interact directly with the broker teams and ensures a smooth process from start to finish. We have won several high-profile industrial pitches where we delivered a Videoms video as part of an RFP.”

Karo Aghavelyan

– Karo Aghavelyan, JLL

“Finally media technology that allows me to fully communicate the entire visual opportunity of my commercial property listings.  Instant wow factor! I feel I am getting Hollywood quality production at an affordable price.”

Mike Donnelly

– Mike Donnelly (Coldwell Banker Commercial – Northern California)

“I’m a HUGE believer in video to showcase our properties.  We buy and lease up value-add retail centers; so nothing is more powerful to attract tenants and brokers than the sight, sound and motion of buttery smooth drone shots and data overlays that pop.  It helps to separate us from the sea of flyers and get more tours scheduled, faster!”

Sean Katona

– Sean Katona, Proprietor of Shopping Centers (Greater Phoenix)

“Videoms helps me build a stronger relationship with my clients because they can see how we set their listing apart from the competition. It also builds a lot of goodwill within my community for our brokerage as a whole because we are showing our market to national investors that can see our market in a different light.”

– Chamberlan Carothers (18 Years CCIM, CPM)

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