Basic Terms & Definitions:

Weather & FAA Dependent. Client can select their time preferences in relation to weather on info form.
Production and turnaround time begin once the invoice has been approved and info form have been completed.
New versions are returned to client based on timing of edit requests received. New versions will be delivered based on these queues:
Primary Queue(if requests provided in 2 business days) = 48 hours
Secondary Queue(if requests provided after 2 business days) = 80 hours
Forfeited Edits: Projects that do not receive edit requests within 21 days will be considered final. Any future edit requests will require
purchase of an editing cycle.
Final Version: Client has 3 business days to confirm version or point out missed edits, otherwise Videom is marked complete and additional
editing cycle must be purchased

Does not including Videoms’ errors. Excludes: Repeat requests and any requests outside of purchased product’s allowances

Removes Videoms corner Branding

Up to 300,00 s/f of developed properties or up to 50 acres of vacant land. Larger properties will be charged an additional fee

If split into 4 rooms or more, up to 40,000 SF. If split into less than 3 rooms, up to 150,000 SF

Not Included with Videoms purchase

Videoms retains ownership of any edited content it produces. Clients retain full usage rights to the content they purchase. Videoms retains the
right to store and/or use any data collected during the content creation process.

Other Terms & Conditions Might Apply.

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