Video: The Most Effective CRE Marketing Tool

We create Commercial Real Estate’s Most Effective Marketing Materials.
1 in 3 people watch every second of a Videom. How many pages of your OM gets read?

Why Use Videoms

Created from 35 Years of CRE Research

You’ve never seen property highlights like this before, we promise. Unlike media companies or photographers, we come from CRE and create stunning products for only CRE.

Quickest Turnaround

Whether it’s for getting the listing or making a deal, you’re on the clock. Any listing, anywhere in the country, we’ll get your Videom to you, FAST.

More Affordable than ANY Competitor

We pride ourselves in offering the best deals across the country. So affordable that most brokers purchase a standard Videom for their listing presentation, and then upgrade to Gold after securing the listing.

Video Examples

Our captivating video offering memorandums include both custom satellite and drone footage.

  • by asset class
  • by deal type
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Use Cases

We’re creating Custom Videos for All CRE


For Lease

Show potential tenants why they should be in your space!


For Sale

Close more deals by beautifully presenting your properties’ selling points.


Listing Pitches

Win huge listings by showing up the most prepared to close deals.


Investment Syndication

Gain your investors’ trust with a visual presentation of your deal.


Tenant Representation

Submit your sites with the effectiveness of video.


Trophy Showcase

Market your recent activity and closed deals!


City Proposals / Presentations

Demonstrate your company’s abilities and development plans.


Development Highlights

Win more projects through a cumulative video of your project.

What our customers are saying

“Videoms teams’ RE experience makes it easy for them to understand the project requirements, interact directly with the broker teams and ensures a smooth process from start to finish. We have won several high-profile industrial pitches where we delivered a Videoms video as part of an RFP.”

Karo Aghavelyan

– Karo Aghavelyan, JLL

“Finally media technology that allows me to fully communicate the entire visual opportunity of my commercial property listings.  Instant wow factor! I feel I am getting Hollywood quality production at an affordable price.”

Mike Donnelly

– Mike Donnelly (Coldwell Banker Commercial – Northern California)

“I’m a HUGE believer in video to showcase our properties.  We buy and lease up value-add retail centers; so nothing is more powerful to attract tenants and brokers than the sight, sound and motion of buttery smooth drone shots and data overlays that pop.  It helps to separate us from the sea of flyers and get more tours scheduled, faster!”

Sean Katona

– Sean Katona, Proprietor of Shopping Centers (Greater Phoenix)

“Videoms helps me build a stronger relationship with my clients because they can see how we set their listing apart from the competition. It also builds a lot of goodwill within my community for our brokerage as a whole because we are showing our market to national investors that can see our market in a different light.”

– Chamberlan Carothers (18 Years CCIM, CPM)

Video Offering Memorandums


CRE’s National Leading Product, Same Affordable Price,  Anywhere in the Country, Consistent Turnaround 365 Days a Year

Economy Premium
Pricing $699 $999
Ideal For Timely projects, smaller teams, anyone wanting less involvement in their video decisions. Highly customized projects, those who would like to be very involved in their video decisions or teams with more marketing staff.
Length 105 Seconds 105 Seconds
Dedicated Project Manager Included Included
3D Satellite Footage Included, Customize data Included, Customize data
Drone Footage Included, Customize 1 shot Included, Customize up to 4 shots
Intro & Executive Summary Included, Customize data Included, Customize data and design
Callouts Included, Customize data Included, Customize data and design
Editing Cycles 2 3
# of Edits per Cycle 20 30
Flight Date Customize with minimum 3 days notice Customize with minimum 3 days notice
Turnaround Time 4-7 days after flight complete 5-8 days after flight complete
Project Status Updates 2 4
Project Kick Off Call Not included Included
Edit Request Review Calls Not included 2 calls included
Font Not customizable Customize up to 2 font types and colors
Colors Customize up to 2 colors Customize up to 4 colors
Transitions Not customizable Customize 1 transition type
Logo Animations Not customizable Customize 1 logo animation
Buy ($699) Buy ($999)
Discounted Bulk Purchase* Economy Premium
20: Buy ($12,199) Buy ($16,979)
15: Buy ($9,299) Buy ($12,889)
10: Buy ($6,299) Buy ($8,699)
5: Buy ($3,299) Buy ($4,399)
* Pay upfront, receive massive discounts, use your credits over the next 18 months.

Available Add-ons:

* You can select add-ons you need at the checkout.

Aerial Photos

Unedited, High Resolution Still Photos from Drone

  • 15: $149.99
  • 8: $59.99

Exterior Ground Photos

Unedited, High Resolution Still Photos from Ground Camera

  • 30: $199.99
  • 15: $149.99

Interior Ground Photos

Unedited, High Resolution Still Photos from Ground Camera

  • 45: $249.99
  • 30: $199.99

Social Media Trailer

Shortened Videom Fitted for Social Media

  • $99.99

Flyer w/ Embeded Videom

1 Page PDF Flyer with Clickable Videom

  • $59.99

OM w/ Embeded Videom

8 Page Offering Memorandum with Clickable VIdeom

  • $129.99

3 Aerial Maps

Aerial Shots with Callouts & Graphics in PDF Format

  • $99.99

Due-Diligence Footage

Unedited Drone Footage of HVAC, Roof, Parking, Signage

  • $239.99

Raw Footage

Raw Drone Footage Filmed for Videom Use

  • $199.99

Additional Flight Fee

Larger than: 300,000 SF Developed or 50 Acres Undeveloped

  • Developed:
  • $50 per Additional 50,000 SF

  • Undeveloped:
  • $50 per Additional 10 Acres

Superimposed 3D Model

Superimposition of Client’s 3D Model(.obj) into 3D Footage

  • $179.99+

3D Model Buildout

Buildout of Client’s 3D Model(.obj) in 3D Footage

  • $219.99+

3D Model

3D Model Creation from Client’s Renderings

  • $249.99+

Superimposed Rendering

Superimposition of 2D Rendering into 3D Footage

  • $59.99

Superimposed Site Plan

Superimposition of 2D Site Plan into 3D Footage

  • $49.99

Additional Editing Cycle

20 Edits

  • $49.99

Additional Videom Version

Additional Videom Version from Original with Up to 3 New Chapters

  • $249

Virtual Tour Package

Retail/Office/ Multifamily: Up to 100,000 SF | Industrial: Up to 200,000 SF

  • Interior Footage Filmed by Drone or Camera
  • Additional 45 Seconds of Edited Video
  • $300

Content Package

  • Additional Editing Cycle
  • PDF One-Page Flyer
  • PDF Eight-Page OM
  • 3 Aerial Maps
  • $300

Photography Package

  • 15 Ground Exterior Photos
  • 30 Ground Interior Photos
  • $300

Development Package

  • Superimposed Site Plan
  • Superimposed Rendering
  • $90

Annual Agreement | Executive Plan

Commit to an annual volume. Billed for what you use. Receive flexible workflow and product. Talk to sales for custom pricing and deal.

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